Laundry Tips & FAQ's

How do I get cleaner clothes?
To get cleaner clothes add soap before adding clothes to a top load washer and before starting a front load machine. Only fill washers loosely to the top of the ribs of the agitator (top load washers) or to just below the top of the door glass (front load machines). As the clothes get wet they will compress and allow room for the clothes to rise and drop back into the water which gets the clothes cleaner. Overloading the machines does not allow this action. The clothes just get soapy and then, hopefully, the soap gets rinsed out - no cleaning action.

What is the best way to dry clothing?
Most clothes take approximately 30 minutes to dry (example: jeans and towels - more minutes; lingerie - less minutes). Fill the dryer loosely with clothes to the middle of the door glass. This allows the clothes to rise and drop through the hot air. Also, each dryer has a 2 minute cool down period. Put enough time on the dryer at the beginning so the dryer does not have to start and stop and repeatedly go through this cool down period.

How much soap should I use?
Use less soap in the washers. It's not the amount of suds or bubbles that gets clothes clean, it's the action of the clothes rising and dropping plus the chemicals in the soap that cleans the clothes. More bubbles does not mean cleaner clothes - it just means it is harder to rinse all the soap out.

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